Our Campus

Eco-friendly Campus

The School has an ideal environment for the children to have a close bond with nature. The school is situated near police station, Keezhpally, about a half kilometre from Keezhpally Town. The pollution free atmosphere ensures a healthy campus. The rich oxygen and plastic free zone add to this. The cool coconut palm glades, proximity to the lush green forest, and the vibrant garden altogether contribute a special charm to Alphonsa School, and classify it as an environment friendly school in Kannur District.

Safe and Secure Campus

The school is monitored by a closed circuit surveillance system. Cameras are fixed on the walls of class rooms, lobbies and other places that require constant monitoring. Fire extinguisher cylinders and a large tank filled with water to which a network of hoses is connected to douse any kind of fire break out. The school shares its boundary with the Keezhpally Police station.