Our History

The vibrant and burning urge of a single woman sowed the first seed for the vocation of the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Anne, Tiruchirapalli in order to liberate the Indian women from the shackles of inhuman and irrational social practices and to empower women. The power of the human spirit triggered for this noble cause in the heart of the foundress, Mother Annamma, was the marvelous beginning of a reformation unprecedented in the history of Indian womanhood. Her ministry among the poor, the sick and the downtrodden showed her life-centered spirituality. She discovered the face of God among the poorest and the suffering people. She totally relied on God's bounty and power and not on her capabilities, which in turn has borne bountiful and good fruits for the last 151 years in the flourishing of the Congregation. After the example of its foundress, it has expanded its mission in several dioceses in India and also in various other parts of the world. The members of the Congregation always have striven to live up to the charism of the foundress who wished to commit for the cause of the socially marginalized.

The Sesquicentenary of the foundation of the Congregation was an important milestone. It is but natural to pause a while and see what more can and should be achieved for the holistic development of the Society. Planning a better, brighter and more successful future is an important exercise that our Congregation should undertake on this occasion and in turn has been led to establish this institution.

Aims and Objectives

Our Educational programme is aimed at the holistic development of an individual. In order to fulfil this, we endeavour by ushering our students to various avenues of knowledge and capacitate them to think creatively and independently. We focus our attention to provide a sound academic, intellectual, spiritual, physical, moral, and civilized formation to our students. Each child, irrespective of its religion, caste, gender or socio-economic background, is considered as a gift from God, sent to this world with a mission to fulfil his/her errand. Therefore individual attention is given to each child whose welfare is entrusted with us.

Our Vision

Alphonsa English Medium School had a modest inception in the year 1993 with a small group of students in the remote area – Keezhpally. The visionaries of the Christian management foster the aim of educating the young minds to equip them with the life skills adequately to enable them to meet the challenges and excel in life. Today, we envisage a society and a world that embrace the value of universal brotherhood, a globalized vision built on the values of the Gospel, especially compassion for the downtrodden people and service to the humanity. The young people of today are the prospective citizens and nation builders and hence our vision is to mould a generation that is imbibed with values, enable them to distinguish between right and wrong, carve out a new generation with the holistic vision of life and reality.

Our Mission

In order to achieve a holistic personality development and sound character formation, we provide proper academic, co-cultural and extra-cultural activities. The formation we provide to the children enable them to be ‘Good Samaritans’ at the time of adversities and they are endowed with the values of empathy, honesty, compassion, etc. We educate them to transmit life skills, human values, and cultural as well as artistic heritage to the generation next. Our mission is to embolden the new generation to lead life fearlessly and confidently by shouldering one’s responsibilities, enjoying freedom with accountability, and carrying out any legal labour with dignity

Educational Goal

The Sisters of the Congregation of St. Anne of Tiruchirapalli, in their educational apostolate, strive for human liberation at all levels among those entrusted to their case. Called to serve in simplicity among the poor, the Sisters in all their educational institutions pay special attention to the downtrodden and the marginalized, and help them to grow in knowledge and awareness.
It is our earnest endeavour to inculcate among our students and teachers a spirit of love for God and neighbour. Christian values are their strength to achieve this.
We also the signs of the times and educate our students in social awareness, brotherhood, justice and freedom of the individual, so will enshrined in the constitutions of our country. With the help of awareness movements and other such innovative exercises, we advocate in them a sense of fellowship and Christian charity and at the same time train them to be the leaders of a better future.