School Uniform

  • Kindergarten

    Cherry Black shorts and Golden yellow shirt.

    Cream and Red check shirt. (Wednesday)

  • Boys class I to X

    Cherry Black shorts and Golden yellow shirt.

  • Girls KG TO V

    Cherry Black Box pleated skirt & Golden Yellow Shirt

  • Girls VI TO X

    Cherry Black Pants & Golden Yellow Shirt with Cherry Black overcoat

  • Girls KG TO X (Wednesday)

    Red Check- Box -pleated skirt & Cream Shirt

Students Dress Code
  • All Students should wear the prescribed uniform.
  • a) Students are not permitted to Color their hair.
    b) Grow/varnish their nails.
    c) Shave their head except on religious or medical grounds. In the event of the same the parents /guardian must send a note to the class teacher.
  • Boys must have their hair cut properly from time to time. Girls must tie their hair neatly using ribbons /hair bands only.
  • Gold ornaments are not permitted except perhaps a small ear stud.
  • If any student comes in improper uniform, it will be dealt with a warning and later disciplinary action.
House Systems

In order to foster a healthy competitive spirit and to create a sense of belonging, all students are divided into four houses. Each house has students and teacher representatives. The Inter House competitions conducted are learning and awareness oriented programmes. Merit certificates and trophies are awarded to the winners and House points are counted based on points awarded throughout the year.

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue

Each house will be led by a House Leader and a House Deputy Leader elected by the members of the house.